International Flute Orchestra to Perform in Derry


An amazing concert by the International Flute Orchestra from the USA comes to the Walled City on 26th May.

The free performance, conducted by Dr John Bailey with music from Bach, Beethoven and Rossini, PLUS a spectacular opening performance by the accomplished Allegri choir, begins at 19:30 in Derry’s Guildhall.

The International Flute Orchestra is a well toured orchestra founded in 1996 by Nancy C. Clew who continues to be music director. Their goal is to spread goodwill and good music to countries around the world.

Dr. John Bailey has conducted the IFO since 2001. Instrumentation includes piccolo, c flutes, altos, basses, bass in F, and contra basses. These flutes cover the parts of a traditional string orchestra.

The concert will open with pieces sung by the accomplished local choir, Allegri.

Allegri is a cross-community choir established in 2013. Since forming they have performed in Dublin, Stormont, at International Choral Festivals and at prestigious corporate events. They have also organised a number of concerts and events raising thousands of pounds for local charities. Led by Musical Director, Maurice Kelly, their repertoire is wide and varied and they strive to make a difference within their respective communities, helping women fulfil their potential through new opportunities.

The event will be collecting donations towards HURT.

HURT (Have Your Tomorrows) is a voluntary organisation supporting individuals and their families who have been impacted negatively by drug / alcohol problems. HURT treatment centre offers a confidential, non-judgemental approach to those affected by dependency and addiction.

Everyone is welcome for an evening of good music, fun and a good cause!

To read more about HURT, please click here

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