Go’on Tell Us That One Again!

The Derry Liars Club launches at Studio 2

Are you a good yarn spinner, enjoy a funny story, up for a laugh, even know a few quirky songs? Then Studio 2 is the place to be on Monday, November 20 for the inaugural world premiere of ‘The Derry Liars Club’, with the mic live at 7.30pm

Derry is rich in stories, both tall and true, some from bygone years, some more recent, others dark and funny, mixed with the fantastic and powerful and the good folk of the city are renowned for spinning a good yarn, telling tall tales, storytelling, reminiscing folklore and even giving a tune or singing a song and Studio 2 hopes to become the focal point of bringing such storytellers together.

Under the control of ‘yarnspinner extraordinaire’  and London Comedy Award winner 2015, George Murphy a night’s craic is guaranteed with the man himself promising something for everyone.

“Next Monday night, starting at 7.30pm, will see Studio 2 hopefully filled with storytellers reciting fables that will become funnier, stranger and ‘taller’ as the night goes on. Come along and brighten up those winter nights in a lovely environment down in Skeoge. It will be a poweful night’s craic.

As well as having some fun there is also the chance to come away with £100 for taking the ‘Biggest Liar’ prize on the opening night.

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